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Problems with symlinks and portable Lisp code

Lately, I have been contributing work to ASDF-INSTALL in an attempt to make it more configurable (especially on Windows), and to make it handle multiple defsystems correctly. This was motivated in part by dissatisfaction with the recommended techniques for dealing with Windows’ lack of symbolic links in ASDF and ASDF-INSTALL. It should, and can, be […]



I haven’t worked on CLinNet in quite a while, but a few months ago I started playing with RDNZL, a .NET/Common Lisp interface written by Edi Weitz. Very nice! But I found the need to use assembly-qualified type names, or to import types or assembly contents, to be fairly cumbersome when I worked with Direct3D. […]


Common Lisp in .NET

For fun and education, I’m currently working on an implementation of Common Lisp on the .NET framework. This meshes with my personal strong interest in Common Lisp, and my new responsibilities at my day job, where I’ve just become a charter member of a group that is working on a new generation of products based […]

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