Zoning allows for Single Family Detached homes in a retirement community.

As with the condos, building spacing is 75' between buildings

The footprint of the buildings used in the site plan is 36' wide and 56' long. There are several plans on eplans that fit this footprint

Topo These buildings are not as long or wide as the condos. Depending on goals rotation into the topography is likely not necessary

Density Maximum allowed by zoning is 32 homes. (0.5 acres per unit, per zoning)

Shared Septic Only part of the shared septic system shown with the condo site layout is built out. If the maximum density was achieved, 32 units * 150 GPD/unit = 4800 GPD out of a possible 7,000 GPD

Water The drawing shows more wells with smaller radii drawn around each one. In this case, 5 wells with 100' radius will meet DEP criteria for a community well.

Landscaping and Drainage Follow the same principles as for the condo design