Land For Sale, Sutton, Ma. 01590

#40 Singletary Ave, Sutton, Ma.

Executive Summary

16 acres. Rectangular: ~600' frontage, ~1200' deep. Gentle south facing slope. Subdividable with many allowed uses by right in the zoning laws. No variances needed. Percs done. approved well on site. No abutters. Cleared. No wetlands, ledge, outcroppings or steep slopes. Excellent location: 1/2 mile from center of town, very short drive to 2 different highway entrances. Very secluded, out in the country setting, yet less than 3 miles from major shopping. Walking distance to public swimming on Singletary Lake. Well maintained State Road.

Development Options by right

  1. assisted living
  2. convalescent home
  3. congregate housing apartments
  4. retirement community
  5. 3 building lots. Plan done and was previously approved but not recorded due to the tax consequences. Plan shows 2 lots at approx. 6 acres each and 1 lot at approx. 4 acres. This plan is in our planning board file. One of the lots has a Title V compliant septic system already installed and a well and the driveway (ready to build). This is an ANR plan. Each lot in the approved plan is a legal building lot with a perc or with the system already installed.
  6. business uses. Consult Zoning laws for your use. Percs done to support 7,000 GPD according to Title V, percs can be combined into single, large system, see concept plan for this in the engineering section below.

Senior Housing, Independent living:: The 7,000 GPD for on site sewer can support 46 units according to Title V. The current zoning limits density to 46 units for condos or 32 units for single family detached housing.

For convalescent homes or assisted living the zoning laws allow 7 units per acre. We can support 112 beds without a variance.

*there is no competition in Sutton for any kind of retirement housing, including assisted living, convalescence, retirement communities etc. Many people in Sutton have lived there their entire lives.

Any on site septic system that exceeds 2,000 GPD must use an alternative technology for nitrogen mitigation. For example, a recirculating sand filter will greatly reduce the size of field and result in 550 gpd/acre instead of 110. When a nitrogen mitigation system is utilized the system is sized to meet the needs of the design. Consult with the DEP Title V person or your own PE for more information.

Engineering Data

Scroll down to the bottom of this page. All the engineering data is there. Water and sewer data is also in our board of health file. Percs and concept plan done for all elderly uses and 3 lot plan. Percs and plan show 7,000 GPD or up to 46 units, all Title V compliant. Subdivision plans below and also in our planning board file.


  1. Option #1: Buy it outright, no contingencies, cash at the closing, closing in 30 days, certified USD. Price is $350k. That is how we value the 3 lots with improvements.
  2. Option #2: Get your plans approved first. You will have a fixed but reasonable amount of time to get your plans approved before a mandatory closing date. The price will be based on number of units shown in the plan, with a minimum of 32, for elderly housing uses.
  3. otherwise negotiable but not less than $350. Owners more than willing to work something out on a per pursuit basis. We cannot hold the land for any kind of building but are more than reasonable when it comes to the risks of planning and approvals.

All due diligence is the responsibility of the buyer


The parcel is located less than 1/2 mile away from the center of Sutton, a renowned quaint New England Village with ample historic preservation. The parcel is entirely secluded with no abutters affording a location in the center of it all, while being out in the middle of nowhere. The general surround offers ample leisure and relaxation activities including 2 golf courses, public swimming beach and a boat launch within walking distance. Sutton is loaded with historic sites, has a few nationally renowned specialty shops and many recreational activities. It is a town of rolling hills and preserved rural character in the midst of towns with high density urban development. The immediate location is a remote country setting, while multiple highway entrances and big malls are less than 2 miles away. This is an extremely unique property in an extremely unique setting.


Owners are well versed in Land Development and are familiar with applicable local, state and federal laws. We don't get involved in your planning but we have a good idea of what will fly and what won't. The property is in a registered historic district. This may effect your building design but the immediate neighborhood is a mixture of many building styles, sizes and roof patterns.


Great way to see it -> use google maps, satellite

Some Glamour Photos.


Permits and engineering

all of the following information can also be obtained from our files at the town hall

1998 Percolation Data Perc Data
Installed Septic System - Never Used and can be expanded under Title VInstalled System
Well Information Well Sheets
2001 Perc 1 Perc A
2001 Perc 2 Perc B
Shared System Concept Sheet Concept Sheet
Topo and Survey are Completed
Site plan drawing showing single family detached solution, for retirement community, 32 units Click here for link
Site Plan Showing a 46 Condo retirement community . All town departments have reviewed this plan. They had few comments and nothing in the plan changed.

There is a 2 lot plan and a 3 lot plan in our planning board file. THE 3 LOT PLAN WAS PREVIOUSLY FULLY APPROVED. This is an ANR plan. It does not require a public hearing or anything. We did everything except the recording at the Worcester Registry of Deeds. It should be a no brainer to renew this plan as nothing has changed since it was approved. All percs are done and up to date. One of the lots has an installed septic system, well and driveway. It is ready to build.

our engineer has already worked with the DEP to design a community well which will be mandatory for any large project which is not single family homes for non age restricted uses. Our work should be on file with the DEP or we have a copy. You can see the community well design in the site plan for the 46 condo retirement community

The light company came out and measured the field strength from the power lines. These lines are NOT on our property but they are close by. It is insignificant on our property. Please refer to their test results. Click Here
All the information above is available at the town hall in the appropriate department


Our zoning district is R-1. The zoning laws are online on the towns web site. Its a .pdf file. Find under Planning department->bylaws and regulations->zoning bylaw. zoning

Send Email to the owners: click here Your privacy is 100% respected and all correspondence is held strictly in confidence.